Advanced Ceramic Coating

Advanced Ceramic Coating, Inc.

We are a small research, application and manufacturing operation with over 50 years experience in developing products and processes for a variety of ceramic coating applications.

Advanced Ceramic Coating, Inc. is a privately owned company located in Beverly, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1961 as INDELCO Corporation, evolved in the early eighties as Ceramic Coating, Inc., and is now known as Advanced Ceramic Coating, Inc.

ACCI has developed products and processes for high temperature requirements, electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, oxidation protection for the manufacturing, electrical, electronic, aerospace, semiconductor, medical and academic communities.

Capabilities include winding, forming or custom shaping a wide variety of intricate products made from refractory metal wire or sheet stock, usually tungsten, molybdenum or tantalum. Parts can be coated by either electrophoresis or flame spraying.

Ceramic coatings can help cut costs and increase efficiencies in extending the life of equipment that is subjected to extreme heat and abrasive materials. A protective barrier of alumina oxide or chrome oxide can maximize your initial return on investment and minimize downtime.

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