Advanced Ceramic Coating

Aluminum Oxide Coating: Parts for a classifier, 51 inch Outside Diameter Copper Cylinder, 12.5 mm Diameter with 0.25 mm Thick Coating at One End Aluminum Oxide Coating: Filament Coil, 1/2 inch Diameter Aluminum Oxide Coating: Heater Coil


Ceramic Coatings

  • Custom ceramic flame spraying coating
  • Electrophoretic ceramic coating of refractory materials
  • Metalizing coils and point sources
  • Electronic grade aluminum oxide powder
  • Zirconium and titanium hydride coatings for the electronics industry

Custom Coating Materials:

  • Emissive and insulating ceramic coating preparations
  • Silicon blacktop dip coating (water based) for automotive lamps

Custom Ceramic Coatings

  • Ceramic coating applications for custom coatings provide abrasion resistance and a thermal barrier.
  • Ideal for thermowells, classifiers, grinders and pulverizer components. The coating extends the service life to reduce downtime for maintenance and greatly increases productivity.
  • Provides a thermal barrier to protect the underlying substrate. Coated components enhance metal with the protective properties of ceramic at extreme temperatures.
  • Other applications include:
    • Reconditioning of worn parts
    • Electrical insulation
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Marine – shafts – components
    • Gas analyzer sensors

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